Tailgating TransLink

TransLink executives just released their “Cycling for Everyone” plan.  As part of that plan they promote dangerous tailgating as a method to improve space efficiency.  The document signed by the TransLink CEO – Ian Jarvis, states that cyclists can ride so close to each other that they are separated by only half a second.
 Any TransLink bus driver knows that following closer that 2 seconds behind is not safe.  At least 2 seconds are needed to react to a traffic situation.  Fortunately for commuters, executives in charge of TransLink are not driving our buses.  Unfortunately for the taxpayers TransLink executives waste our tax dollars promoting unsafe riding practices.

Best Bus

Translink puts forward a plan that is sensitive to taxpayers’ concerns that expensive, new train infrastructure may not be the best at serving our transportation needs and it is worth to examine how our existing bus lines can be utilized more efficiently.

Among the obvious solutions to help transit buses negotiate city traffic is to ban bicycles from bus routes.
At the same time the City should expand the network of bicycle routes on residential streets.

Currently a single cyclist moving slower than 15 km/h is slowing down more than 50 commuters on a bus capable of traveling three times faster.