Keep Point Grey Road open to all commuters

City of Vancouver wants to close Point Grey Road, a secondary arterial road, to car commuters and turn it into a bike lane and local access road for local residents.  City Hall has put forward two choices: a complete closure or reducing this route to one-way traffic only.

Many resident groups are asking for your support in signing petitions telling Vancouver City Hall and Mayor Robertson to keep PGR open to all commuters.

Residents of Point Grey Road and Macdonald Street neighbourhood seek your support through this petition:

Residents of University Lands that rely on this route to access downtown and North Shore ask for your support through this petition:

PGR arterial route

Point Grey Road facts:
– 10,000 commuters rely on this road every day, in every season
– There are over 2.5 million car commuter trips each year on PGR
– PGR is an arterial route connecting North Shore with UBC – 40% of traffic is from Metro Vancouver not Vancouver itself
– ICBC reports no cycling accidents on PGR since 2008
– down the road from PGR, on Burrard Bridge only 5% of commuters are cycling – those figures are unchanged since at least 2009
– Macdonald Street cannot support additional traffic and bus route demands with a single-lane bottleneck at PGR
– There is an existing designated bike route on 3rd Avenue – 1st and 2nd Avenues can accommodate cyclists as well

Where City Hall failed:
– did not establish cycling demand by counting cyclists along that route
– did not get the support of Macdonald St Residents
– did not consider neighbouring communities in Metro Vancouver
– did not provide details on how many cars could be reasonably expected to be able to turn left from 4th Ave to Macdonald St
– compared Macdonald St with its bottleneck at PGR to 33rd Ave